CBGX-0101 – Smooth Power Flash Tuner Stage 1 Software for 750i and M550i with engine model N63R

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Note: *This can ONLY be installed at an Authorized CarBahn dealer.
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Calculated Flywheel Power:

OEM Stock:  505HP / 583TQ
Tuned 93 Octane:    633HP / 750TQ

Measured Wheel Power:

OEM Stock   424WHP / 489WTQ
Tuned 93 Octane:   532WHP / 630WTQ


  • Top Speed Governor Removed
  • CarBahn EVO Intelligent software adapts to various fuel octane levels seamlessly, optimizing performance without compromising safety. It retains existing safety features and adds extra protection as needed.

Additional Information


CarBahn software is designed to deliver the highest safe output possible. Smooth Power means software tuned correctly, not over-tuned. We always try to make a natural torque curve, not excessive torque at low RPM that falls off rapidly at high RPM. Excessive torque will break the tires loose, break the engine and drivetrain. Managed torque with a smooth delivery makes the car easier to drive thereby faster and more reliable. Most if not all our competitor tunes attempt to run too much boost, resulting in active knock corrections which causes surging during acceleration. CarBahn software also incorporates torque reduction in 1st and 2nd gears for manageable power delivery.


Most if not all tunes on the market except CarBahn reduce safety parameters in the software in an attempt to extract more power. These safety parameters such as knock control sensitivity, super knocking control sensitivity, and catalyst thermal protection are tuned into your OEM software to prevent engine and catalyst failure. When we reduced all the supposed power robbing software protections we lost less than 8 HP and 8 LB/FT Torque. We have seen many damaged engines as result of reducing these safety parameters! It hardly seems worth it for 8HP.

Doing it yourself:

A note on self-tuning tools. There are now programs available that you can buy to tune your car yourself. Many of these tools come with canned programs. Be careful as tuning a high output engine requires tremendous knowledge and experience to extract maximum power without damage.

Emissions legality:

A note on down pipes (removing the catalyst). We have run back to back dyno runs with the cat on and off and the power gain is much smaller than most people claim. We all need to breathe the air. Its difficult to get your car its required emissions test without catalyst and it’s illegal.

High boost with stock engine:

We have seen many damaged engines as result of making too much power with a stock engine. While modern engines are very reliable, it is easy to add large turbochargers and water methanol injection and break the engine. On the F8X, maximum safe power on a stock engine is 600 LB/FT flywheel torque. CarBahn makes high performance engines designed to handle more power. More information is available on this web site.

About Steve Dinan:

Steve Dinan has over 40 years of street car turbo experience. As an engine supplier we won 3 prototype racing championships and two overall wins at the 24hrs of Daytona partnering with Chip Ganassi Racing. No one know more about tuning high performance engines than Steve Dinan.

Warranty Information:

Click here for all queries related to CarBahn Warranty.



  • 2016-2019 BMW 750i Sedan
  • 2016-2019 BMW 750i Sedan
  • 2016-2019 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan
  • 2016-2019 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan
  • 2017-2019 BMW M550i Sedan
  • 2017-2019 BMW M550i Sedan

3 reviews for CBGX-0101 - Smooth Power Flash Tuner Stage 1 Software for 750i and M550i with engine model N63R

  1. Bobby

    Got this done on my 2018 M550i a few months ago and it is an absolute game changer. The cars response from 45 mph to as high as you dare take it is unreal. The gas mileage did increase slightly on my longer highway drives, and after taking it on several 3 hour trips it behaves exactly as it should. Now to buy stock in tire companies because I will go through them like butter. Thanks Carbahn, y’all nailed it with this!

  2. Vic Hardy

    Awesome – very pleased with this tune for my 2018 M550i. It’s a daily driver so I am not racing around but I like the extra power if I want to get on it. Oh yeah, the gas mileage is actually better in comfort mode cruising on the highway which I do for my daily commute. I am getting about 32 – 33 mpg on the interstate no problem. I like the fact that this tune works safely with the stock components. Definitely recommend this tune over the others I’ve seen on the forums and online.

  3. Vincent

    Outstanding and linear power on my M550i 2019.
    The acceleration in Sport Plus mode is simply brutal and turn this car into a completely different beast.
    I highly recommend, no issue what so ever, although I was a bit concerned at first with the decrease in gas mileage, partially caused by my heavy foot and the fact that I now always stays in Sport+ mode 😉
    Anyways, the experience is awesome, no regret. Just get it.

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