Product Overview


CarBahn’s performance software is designed to deliver reliable power with the safest possible output. “Smooth Power” means the software is calibrated correctly by using a safe approach to power adjustment. Excessive torque will break the tires loose, overload the engine and ruin the drivetrain. Torque is best managed with a smooth delivery system that creates usable power and increases reliability. CarBahn software also incorporates torque reduction in 1st and 2nd gears for manageable power delivery. Safety is a top priority in the development of software at CarBahn. To reach optimum power, the software is easily combined with our high-performance intercoolers/heat exchangers and big turbos. Safety parameters such as knock control sensitivity, super knocking control sensitivity, and catalyst thermal protection are tuned into your OEM software to prevent engine and catalyst failure.

Suspension Tuning

Steve Dinan is famous for road car suspension systems that not only handle better than the competition they ride better as well. CarBahn designs their own suspension systems paying careful attention to spring, damping and anti-roll bar relationships as well as bushing deflection and suspension geometry to make a truly superior system. In addition, we have systems designed to work with your OEM electric dampers so you can have a nice ride when you want it and a performance suspension when you need it. CarBahn is also a Forgeline wheel distributor enabling us to make very light very strong wheels with custom colors, sizes and offsets.

Engine Builds

Steve Dinan has been building high performance and racing engines for BMW’s since 1977, winning 121 racing championships including 3 prototype championships and two Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The same engine shop that builds these sophisticated racing engines is also responsible for all of our customer engine builds, doing everything from mild modifications to extreme builds to make serious power.

Our History

CarBahn Autoworks is led by Steve Dinan, with over 40 years of vehicle tuning experience and previously founded of Dinan Engineering. His vast experience with high-powered BMW performance is more than just a hobby. From building engines for championship winning endurance teams to building some of the most high performance street cars of all time, Steve has over four decades of knowledge and expertise in performance-focused engineering.


San Jose

(408) 866-0606
1965 Kyle Park Court
San Jose, CA 95125

Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

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