At CarBahn Autoworks, we offer exceptional high-performance upgrades and parts. We have a wide range of options available for all BMW and Mercedes makes and models. When it comes to high performance upgrades, we have a long history in racing. Steve Dinan, founder of Dinan Cars built the largest BMW aftermarket company in the US. CarBahn is testing and approving high performance products that meet Steve’s standards. In addition, Steve is combining these products with proprietary high-performance products to give you the best selections of durable street car performance equipment.

Choose Your Own Adventure

At CarBahn Autoworks you can choose one of our proven performance packages or order the specific parts you need. We have a wide range of options available and one of our High Performance Parts Specialists will be happy to discuss what available upgrades we have for your vehicle. Our experience and knowledge sets us apart from other shops. We will help you customize your car exactly the way you want it.

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