CBF9X-0001 – EVO Smooth Power Stage 1 Software for F9X M5 Base/Competition 2018-2020

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Note: *This can ONLY be installed at an Authorized CarBahn dealer.
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Stock – 93 Octane

Stock W HP & TQ: 587 Wheel HP & 565 lb-ft Wheel torque
Stock FW HP & TQ: 716 Flywheel HP & 689 lb-ft Flywheel torque

Tuned – 93 Octane

Tuned W HP & TQ: 642 Wheel HP & 618 lb-ft Wheel torque
Tuned FW HP & TQ: 783 Flywheel HP & 618 lb-ft Flywheel torque
Delta W HP & TQ: 55 Wheel HP & 53 lb-ft Wheel torque
Delta FW HP & TQ: 67 Flywheel HP & 53 lb-ft Flywheel torque

Tuned – 100 Octane

Tuned W HP & TQ: 669 Wheel HP & 618 lb-ft Wheel torque
Tuned FW HP & TQ: 815 Flywheel HP & 754 lb-ft Flywheel torque
Delta W HP & TQ: 81 Wheel HP & 54 lb-ft Wheel torque
Delta FW HP & TQ: 99 Flywheel HP & 65 lb-ft Flywheel torque


  • CarBahn EVO Intelligent software adapts to various fuel octane levels seamlessly, optimizing performance without compromising safety. It retains existing safety features and adds extra protection as needed.
  • Includes Competition Models
  • Top Speed Governor Removed



Additional Information


CarBahn’s EVO intelligent software possesses remarkable adaptability to a large range of fuel octanes. Through our software, we employ retuning techniques while ensuring that all critical safety features, which are often neglected, remain intact and add additional safety features where necessary. To gain a deeper understanding of these safety limits, we invite you to watch the informative video available at this link. By recalibrating the safety limits, our software seamlessly adapts from 93 to 100 octane, eliminating the necessity for a customized tune when employing race gas. This unique functionality enables the software to deliver maximum power with each octane variant without compromise. Consequently, there is no need to purchase a custom tune exclusively for race gas usage. Our software is meticulously designed to provide the highest achievable performance output while upholding safety as a paramount concern. Here, the term “intelligent software” denotes the accurate and optimized tuning of the software, avoiding excessive tuning. Our objective is to craft a torque curve that maintains a natural and harmonious delivery, as showcased in this link. We avoid generating excessive torque at low RPMs, which could result in tire slippage, engine stress, and drivetrain failures. By managing torque with a smooth delivery, our software enhances drivability, thereby fostering increased speed and reliability. In contrast to our competitors, who often attempt to maximize performance by pushing boost levels beyond safe limits, our approach prioritizes reliability. We refrain from compromising knock sensitivity and thermal protections, which are vital for safeguarding the engine from potential damage caused by extreme power extraction.



Unlike most tunes available in the market, CarBahn’s software maintains the integrity of safety parameters, preserving them to prevent any compromise in engine performance and longevity. Parameters such as knock control sensitivity, super knocking control sensitivity, and catalyst thermal protection are carefully tuned within your OEM software to mitigate the risk of engine and catalyst failure. In our pursuit of optimizing power delivery, we have minimized power losses to a mere 12 HP when reducing these supposed power-reducing software protections. On the contrary, we have witnessed numerous instances of damaged engines resulting from the reduction of these safety parameters. Thus, it becomes apparent that gaining a marginal 12 HP advantage hardly justifies the potential risk of significant engine damage.


Do-it-yourself Approach:

It is essential to acknowledge the emergence of self-tuning tools in the automotive market. While these tools offer the convenience of tuning your vehicle independently, it is crucial to exercise caution. Many of these tools come equipped with pre-set programs that conveniently bypass safety limits, thus posing a substantial risk of engine damage. The art of tuning a high-output engine requires profound knowledge and experience to extract maximum power without compromising the engine’s structural integrity.


Emissions Legality:

Let us address the topic of removing the catalyst, commonly achieved through the utilization of downpipes. Our rigorous testing regimen involved conducting consecutive dyno runs with and without the catalyst, and the observed power gain was significantly smaller than commonly touted, typically around 11 HP. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge our shared responsibility towards environmental preservation, as clean air is vital to our well-being. Furthermore, obtaining the necessary emissions certifications without a catalyst is a daunting task and, from a legal standpoint, it is considered an infringement.


About Steve Dinan:

With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, Steve Dinan stands as an authority in streetcar turbo tuning. Under his leadership, our team has triumphed in three prototype racing championships and secured two overall victories at the esteemed 24 Hours of Daytona in collaboration with Chip Ganassi Racing. Steve Dinan’s unparalleled expertise solidifies our claim as the leading force in tuning high-performance engines.


Warranty Information:

Registration with CarBahn at the time of purchase is required to maintain matching warranty coverage. CarBahn reserves the right to deny warranty program enrollment under certain conditions. Please contact us before making a purchase if you have any questions.

* The warranty is valid for U.S. and Canadian specification vehicles only. If your vehicle is currently covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty, CarBahn products are warranted for the remaining term of the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty. The manufacturer’s new car warranty is limited to 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers in Canada), starting from the date of first retail sale or the date the vehicle is first placed in-service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever is earlier. CarBahn warranties are transferable when ownership of the vehicle into which the CarBahn products were originally installed is sold. The warranty will repair or replace, without charge for parts or labor, the defective CarBahn component(s) as well as any original vehicle manufacturer component(s) directly affected by a CarBahn component, using new or authorized remanufactured parts. The decision to repair or replace said parts is at the sole discretion of CarBahn. Parts replaced under this limited warranty become the property of CarBahn. A reasonable period must be allowed for warranty repairs to be completed in all cases.

If your vehicle is outside of the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty, CarBahn will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any defective CarBahn component for two (2) years from the original purchase date of the CarBahn product. This warranty does not include reimbursement for repairs to any original vehicle manufacturer component(s) that may have been affected by a CarBahn component.

* Warranty exclusions:

The following are not covered under the warranty: return shipping charges, towing charges, rental car fees, damage to a component or assembly due to the installation of replacement parts that materially differ from the original vehicle manufacturer or CarBahn parts, damage resulting from the unauthorized modification of a CarBahn part or assembly, damage resulting from the use of other manufacturer products in conjunction with CarBahn products or systems, damage to the clutch due to power shifting or abuse, brake rotor warp, friction materials, maintenance services and parts replaced during maintenance such as spark plugs, lubricants, fluids, engine tune-up parts, replacement of filters, coolant, and refrigerant, mechanical adjustments or repairs resulting from normal wear and tear, drive belts, light bulbs, damage due to the failure to perform maintenance services at the specified intervals or in accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual from the original vehicle manufacturer or CarBahn product instructions, damage attributable to negligence or abuse, improper installation, improper treatment or treatment contrary to the instructions in the owner’s manual from the original vehicle manufacturer or CarBahn product instructions, engine damage resulting from alteration of CarBahn’s original boost pressure, damage resulting from the use of improper or contaminated fuel, damage occurring through corrosion resulting from weak or improper coolant, damage to a CarBahn component as a result of a collision or improper collision damage repairs, any vehicle operated in any competitive event or subjected to aggressive track conditions, custom-designed competition parts, damages resulting from loss of time, inconvenience or loss of the use of the vehicle, damage resulting from environmental influences, flood, accident, fire damage, or road salt corrosion, re-manufactured or refurbished products or components (these products are clearly identified as refurbished and are warranted for the specified period).



  • 2018-2020 BMW M5 Sedan
  • 2018-2020 BMW M5 Sedan
  • 2019-2020 BMW M5 Competition Sedan
  • 2019-2020 BMW M5 Competition Sedan


1 review for CBF9X-0001 - EVO Smooth Power Stage 1 Software for F9X M5 Base/Competition 2018-2020

  1. Genc

    Exceptional & attentive customer service. Once arrived at the Authorized Installer (Motor Works West) they explained everything that they will be doing. They were great. Highly recommended if you’re in Jersey area.
    Tune has been very solid. Love the extra punch that it’s given the M5. It’s reliable and the factory warranty is a huge piece of mind.
    Been driving it for over 500 miles and the car feels great – very consistent and very happy overall.

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