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CarBahn Autoworks has a reputation in the South Bay area for having the most technical knowledge and exceptional customer service available. Our BMW Specialists are not only superior compared to local competition but they also provide training to other shops and dealerships. All our technicians are ASE Certified and have access to BMW specific tools and state of the art diagnostic equipment. Not only do we provide precision BMW wheel alignment but we also have high performance and racing parts available to up your BMW’s game. Whatever you need for your BMW, CarBahn Autoworks in San Jose, CA has got you covered.

Why Is Tire Alignment Important?

Proper BMW Wheel Alignment is imperative when it comes to the handling and a smooth ride. It will also help save money on fuel, tires, brake repair and suspension repairs. When your tires are out of alignment, your wheels are not pointing in the same direction. When this happens uneven wear of your tires occurs. This affects handling and can rough up your suspension system.

What Causes Tires to Come Out of Alignment?

Your BMW is a luxury vehicle designed to perform a certain way. When your BMW wheel alignment is unbalanced, it cannot perform as intended. Potholes, rough shoulders, and curbs can often be the culprit that leads to an adjustment. Nevertheless, normal wear and tear will also cause your tire alignment to need an adjustment.

How Do I Know I Need an Alignment?

There are warning signs associated with improper BMW Wheel Alignment. The first thing to look out for is if your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other on straight road. This is often referred to as wandering. Your BMW in turn has to work harder to move forward, therefore increasing tire wear and reducing fuel efficiency. If you are experiencing a vibration in your seat or steering wheel that can mean you need to have your BMW tires aligned or they may only need balancing.

How Do You Fix Alignment Issues?

Alignments today are completed with the help of computerized machines. Manufactures provide calculated angles that are make and model specific. These angles are measured precisely to maximize performance and handling. Tire alignment consist of three angles cast, camber, and toe. Cast is the angle of the tire when viewed from the front. Camber is the angle of the tire when viewed from the side. Lastly, toe is the direction tires point in relation to each other. With the help of an alignment machine and our mechanics vast BMW knowledge and experience, we promise to deliver the best BMW Wheel alignment possible in the South bay Area.

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If you are looking for the best BMW repair shop then look no further than CarBahn Autoworks in San Jose, CA. We are the top BMW auto repair shop in the area and we back all repairs with a 2 year / unlimited mile warranty. Free local shuttle service is available upon request. Call (408) 389-3454 or schedule service online today and see why you car deserves the CarBahn Autoworks experience.







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CarBahn has been serving the Bay Area community for over 40 years!

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