Oil Change

Oil Change

Scheduling an oil change may seem like an easy and unimportant service but waiting too long can yield disastrous results. A car without oil or with old engine oil will often succumb to a number of potential issues like:

  • Diminished fuel efficiency
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Accelerated wear and tear on your engine
  • Unusual smells from exhaust
  • Louder engine than usual

Carbahn Automotive is the independent service center alternative to big name brand corporations and dealerships and provide your vehicle with high quality oil changes that both protect your engine and preserve your car’s performance.

With locations in Mountain View and San Jose we specialize in the service and maintenance of popular European brands:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes

By focusing on two of the most popular manufacturers in the world we are able to provide higher quality services while keeping everything in-house.

Save on Your First Oil Service

First-time Carbahn Autoworks customers are now eligible for discounted pricing. Introductory oil changes for new customers are only $59 for standard BMW, Mercedes and Audi vehicles and $109 for Audi RS, M and AMG vehicles. Call us today to schedule your oil change and take advantage of these savings!

When to Schedule an Oil Change

Each model of BMW and Mercedes come with their own specific service plan that lets you know when the optimal time is to schedule oil changes. At Carbahn Autoworks our mechanics always know when it’s time for an oil change and make sure that your car gets the most out of it with:

  • Manufacturer quality replacement materials
  • Factory diagnostic tools and equipment to search for damages
  • Proper disposal methods of old oil
  • Same day services

With our two locations we are able to provide superior services for drivers from:

If your car is in need of an oil change or you’d like to schedule services for your vehicle please call Carbahn Autoworks today. Our expert mechanics are here to assist you with any and all maintenance needs.

Reduction in labor cost on larger, more time consuming repairs!

Total bill within these margins:
$0-$999 - Full Price
$1,000-$1,999 - 5% off labor
$2,000-$2,999 - 10% off labor
$3,000-$3,999 - 15% off labor
$4,000-> - 20% off labor

(Excludes high performance work and tires. Not valid with any other officer.)

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