Check Engine Light

BMW Check Engine Light

Driving with the check engine light is one of the most stressful situations that can plague drivers. Though technology has improved over the years to help alert drivers to potential problems and malfunctions it still takes quality auto service and repair work to accurately find any developing issues.

At Carbahn Autoworks we take care of diagnosing and repairing all check engine light related issues for two of the most popular European vehicles in the world:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes

We service all models with the same diagnostic tools and equipment found at the dealerships without the high costs and extended wait times.

With two locations across Mountain View and San Jose, CA getting your check engine light looked at and serviced has never been more convenient.

Finding the Problem the First Time

At Carbahn Autoworks we understand the importance of a job well done, especially when it comes to your vehicle’s engine. That’s why we always perform thorough inspections prior to any service. This way we can accurately find and resolve any problem including:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Bad spark plugs
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Failing O2 sensor

With so many potential causes and wide range of severity our mechanics make sure that your car gets the service it needs as quickly as possible, restoring your beloved car and getting you back on the road faster than the competition.

Find Us In Your Neighborhood

Carbahn Autoworks convenient location in San Jose and we also service drivers from throughout the surrounding areas like:

Driving for any extended period of time with the check engine light on is extremely ill advised so if your car is experiencing issues call our mechanics today to schedule service. Our decades of experience and knowledge will help you find a long lasting solution that you can trust.

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