Your BMW requires just the right person to repair and maintain your high performance vehicle. Finding a technician who has extensive knowledge of how a BMW works and is able to diagnose quickly and efficiently is difficult. At CarBahn Autoworks in Campbell, CA, we have BMW brake repair specialists who have been working on BMW for years. Not only are they certified technicians but they also train other technicians all over the world. We also back all parts and labor with a 2 – year / unlimited mile warranty. Therefore, rest assured that your vehicle is in the right hands, when at CarBahn Autoworks. For over thirty years, we have been providing the South Bay Area with dependable and professional BMW brake repair. With a great reputation throughout the community we promise to you will not be disappointed.

BMW Brake Repair and Maintenance Warning Signs

Do you know that there are warning signals that you can hear and feel that will let you know if you need BMW brake repair? Some brakes will emit a high-pitched noise that indicates that your brake pads are wearing thin. This is the first initial warning sign, but also the most important. If you fail to hear this squealing sound, then you might need a more expensive repair. If your radio or air is on you may not be able to hear these warning signals. Therefore, you need to occasionally listen to your vehicle when those components are off to catch important warning signals. Spongy or slow to respond brakes are also a warning sign. Air in the line or system is usually the culprit of spongy brakes. Finally, a grinding or scraping noise is one of the more noticeable warning signs of brake repair. This is a result of your rotor exposure to your caliper due to extreme wear of brake pads and this leads to rotor damage. We suggest having your brakes inspected every other oil change. Staying ahead of major brake repair will save money. As well as help extend the life of your vehicle.

The CarBahn Autoworks Difference

CarBahn Autoworks is the Bay Area’s premier BMW brake repair and auto repair shop. All of our technicians are highly skilled and trained armed with the latest tools and state of the art technology. We not only take care of BMW’s we care for them. We stand behind all our repairs with a 2 year/ unlimited mile warranty. Our shop has a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi and local shuttle service upon request. Stop by anytime and see why your BMW deserves our excellent service. Call (408) 389-3454 or schedule service online.

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