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Now Available: CBS58-0501
BMW X3M / X4M Base and Comp 2021+
 EVO Smooth Power Stage 1 Software

CarBahn EVO intelligent software has the ability to adapt to a large range of fuel octane. Our software keeps all safety features and adds more where necessary.


 2021-2022 BMW X3M Base SAV
2021-2022 BMW X3M Competition SAV
2021-2022 BMW X4M Base SAV
2021-2022 BMW X4M Competition SAV
2023 BMW X3 M Base SAV
2023 BMW X3 M Competition SAV
2023 BMW X4 M Base SAV
2023 BMW X4 M Competition SAV



Note: *This can ONLY be installed at an Authorized CarBahn dealer.
Click here to find your local dealer.

⚠️ Special Instructions: The DME(s) need to be pulled out of the engine bay and shipped to Europe for unlock before flashing can be done at the dealer. The cost to unlock the DME and retain the remote start feature (if equipped) is an additional $1,375.00

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