The beautiful city of Campbell, CA is a wonderful city that combines its vibrant history with modern progress all while focusing on being a perfect place for families. There is a great community center in Campbell that has a multitude of activities for the whole family, including a skate park, multiple classes & programs as well as camps and a pool. There are also multiple neighborhood parks as well as a large dog park. All of these are perfect for families of any size or any one just looking for a fun time but you have to make sure that you can get to all of these places to be able to enjoy them.
Carbahn Autoworks is a reliable automotive shop with quality service and repairs to take care of both you and your vehicle, making sure you’re back on the road in no time. Carbahn Autoworks specializes in two of the most popular European vehicles.


  • BMW
  • Mercedes

Complete Service for Your Car

Carbahn Autoworks offers many different services at competitive prices to beat the high costs of dealership maintenance. Our mechanics are highly trained and qualified to perform all the essential maintenance and repairs that your vehicle may need. Our shop provides many services including:

  • Brake repairs
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Tire pressure

 If you own a BMW or Mercedes and need maintenance or repair in Campbell or any of the surrounding areas make sure to come to Carbahn Autoworks for any and all of your service needs.



“It’s hard to believe, CarBahn Autoworks has been taking care of my BMW’s for OVER 30 years! My BMW’s have enjoyed excellent service all these years and it’s been satisfying to watch your business grow and expand into a brand recognized around the world. My first BMW was a 1972 2002 which I drove for 32 years and sold to a collector… Part of its value was that Dinan had serviced that car! And now, my 2004 330i still looks and drives like new – thanks to your fine service people in Campbell! Best wished for another successful year!”

“This is the BEST place to take your BMW after your warranty expires. I get better service than I did at the dealer.”

-John L.

“This is the BEST place to take your BMW after your warranty expires. I get better service than I did at the dealer.”

-John L.

“Clean an organized shop that will take the time to understand your specific needs for repair and work with you, even when the situation is complex.”

-Jeff S.

“Same great crew, same great service. Highly recommended!”

-Peter T.

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