Brembo REAR GT Brake Kit – 345mm, 4-Piston Cast Monobloc Caliper, 135i E81 E82 E88

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Brembo’s prestigious motorsports results and their immediate influence in the upgrade and tuning segments contribute to constantly improving quality and reliability across the entire product range. From the track to the street, Brembo wins the challenge of innovation. The Brembo HPK range offers car upgrading and tuning enthusiasts a choice of the best-suited components to fit their needs and to enhance the performance of their vehicles. By replacing the original braking system with totally reliable Brembo products designed specifically for upgrading, anyone can now significantly improve their car’s braking performance.

All Brembo Performance systems are custom packaged to order, so they cannot be returned due to wheel fitment which is why it is very important to verify brake and wheel fitment before placing your order.


GT: $3,695
GT-S: $3,795
GT-R: $7,695


Cross Drilled


Type 3


GT ‘ Black, Red, Silver, Yellow

GT-S ‘ Black Anodized

GT-R ‘ Nickel Plated

Images are for representational purposes only. Actual product may vary. System Dynamics Image (clockwise): Comfort, Stiffness, Heat Rejection, Thermal Capacity, Light Weight

Additional Information

Brembo is the undisputed global leader in the production of brake discs, calipers and complete braking systems. With its unrivalled expertise, Brembo produces everything from brake discs for the most popular cars in the European, American and Japanese markets to braking systems for the world’s most prestigious and exclusive models.

The superlative levels of technology and reliability of Brembo products is founded on an integrated production process which encompasses every stage in the production process, from research and development and testing to casting and machining.



Brembo REAR GT Brake Kit – 345mm, 4-Piston Cast Monobloc Caliper, 135i E81 E82 E88

Product Description: (R) 4-Piston Monobloc Calipers | 345x28mm (13.6″) 2-Piece Discs | Complete Axle Set | Pre-Assembled | All Necessary Hardware Included

Front or Rear System Shown: Rear


Caliper Body: Cast Monobloc Radial Mount
Caliper Piston Configuration: 4-Piston
Caliper Piston Design and Insert Type: Inner Pressure Seal / OEM Approved Dust Boot


Disc Type: Cross Drilled, Slotted, or Type 3
Disc Material / Finish: Advanced High Carbon Alloy / Corrosion Resistant Plating
Disc Diameter: 345mm
Disc Width: 28mm
Disc Air Gap: 16mm
Disc Annulus: 54mm
Disc Construction: 2-Piece Disc Assembly
Disc Vane Design: Vented Curved 48 Vane
Disc to Hat Mounting System: Floating D-Bobbin with Anti Rattle Spring


Pad Compound: Brembo High Performance FM1000
Pad Volume / Surface Area: 76.4 | 62.1


Brake Lines: Proprietary Brembo Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines by Goodridge
Mounting Hardware: Brembo Engineered CNC Billet Caliper Adapters ‘ All Necessary Hardware Included

Please note: Brembo GT Systems are designed for vehicles at original ride height. Increased ride height is not compatible with the brake lines included in these systems.


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