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Do you wonder why repair and maintenance service costs so much at the dealership? It is because of overhead and their perceived expertise. Next time you are looking for BMW brake repair in Mountain View, CA, look no further than CarBahn Autoworks. Our service center is know for it’s expertise in BMW brake repair and maintenance service. We proudly stand behind all repairs with a 2 year / unlimited mile warranty. Therefor, you can trust that your vehicle is in the right hands. You cannot let just anyone work on your BMW. All our Technicians have extensive training when it comes to all BMW makes and models. In fact, we actually have a team that travels and trains others all over the United States how to maintain and repair BMW’s. Furthermore, we are consistently training and updating our technicians. So why trust just anyone with your BMW repair and maintenance needs. Stop by anytime to see why your car deserves excellent service.

Providing the Best Repairs and Maintenance since 1979

We don’t just work on BMW’s we are BMW enthusiast. We promise to deliver dealership quality brake repair and maintenance. We give personalized customer service and ensure every repair completed is correct the first time every time. With over thirty years of experience in BMW repair and maintenance, you could say we are the local professionals. So why waste your time and money taking your BMW anywhere else. Are your brakes squealing, grinding, or feel spongy? If so, then bring your car into CarBahn Autoworks and let one of our BMW brake repair specialists inspect them. We will let you know and any immediate safety concerns and what is necessary to correct the problem. We understand how frustrating brake repair can be, so make sure to come to us the first moment you notice something wrong.

Warning Signals of Necessary Brake Repair

There are a few warning signs that you are in need of brake repair. If you come across any of the following signals, please have your car service as soon as possible to avoid any further damage or safety issues. First sign is when the wear indicator makes contact with your caliper; this action causes a high-pitched noise to alert you of excessive brake pad wear. If your brake pads have less than 3 millimeters of material left then it is time to replace them. If you are hearing a grinding noise when applying the brakes, you need to see a BMW Brake repair specialist immediately. This is a signal that your brake pads have worn past the point of usefulness and major damage can occur. Finally, if you feel your brakes are spongy or lack in response you may have air in your brake line. If any of the above things are going on please see a brake repair facility as soon as possible.

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CARBAHN Autoworks is your local BMW Brake repair specialist. For complete BMW care, bring your car to CarBahn Autoworks and see what everyone is talking about. Call or schedule service online today.


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Competitive Repair Costs

CarBahn has been serving the Bay Area community for over 40 years!

Competitive Repair

CarBahn has been serving the Bay Area community for over 40 years!

Leading Warranty

We stand behind all our repair services with an industry-leading 2 year, unlimited mile warranty.

Autoworks Expertise

CarBahn is the Industry

leader in diagnostic expertise for BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche

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We train techs from other shops & dealerships on how to diagnose & fix difficult problems

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Labor is typically 10-20% less than your local dealership, and we offer a full fleet of loaner vehicles.

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"This is the BEST place to take your BMW after your warranty expires. I get better service than I did at the dealer."

John L.

"Clean an organized shop that will take the time to understand your specific needs for repair and work with you, even when the situation is complex."

Jeff S.

"Same great crew, same great service. Highly recommended!"

Peter T.

"Prompt, courteous, professional, top notch work. Wayne, Chris, and Erin are whom I've interacted with most and they are consistently awesome."

Aaron M.
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